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MUMBAI  MATKA  CHART  RECOREDFacebook, Google and Twitter Rebel Against Pakistan’s Censorship Rules – The battle is the latest skirmish between internet companies and governments over who decides what content should be online.

(Bloomberg) — Indian stocks resumed declines, with the main equity gauges nearing bear market territory, as the.

The price of Brent Crude (one of the main benchmarks for oil.

was worth around ₹58-59 in May 2014. Now it’s worth around.

With a tireless team at his side, the insatiably curious multihyphenate seems to have the key to success in the post-EDM era.

Kalyan Penal Acharya then went to Mane’s house at Vayle Nagar in Kalyan township to enquire and the accused then. He then lodged a. A trap was laid to catch him at Kasara station with the Kalyan railway police force where Yadav was arrested. He has been. International Women’s Day : 30 SC Judgments On Women Empowerment