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Grattan: Australia’s stimulus response middle of the pack – Australia’s total package is less than half that of the UK and Spain but larger than Canada and New Zealand (Chart 1).

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Bombay To Delhi Rajdhani The order issued by the ministry of railways states goods trains will continue to run to ensure essential while some “bare. Of the 11 new cases, 10 are in Mumbai and one in Pune, state officials said on Saturday. ‘Quarantine couple’ made to get. Klyan Chart Moody’s Investors Service on Friday slashed its estimate of

Chinese sentiment is sweeping the country amid fears that Covid-19 will soon do the same.

Ratan Tata and top management at Tata Nexon Electric launch The information about the “ground-up SUV” came to light at the.

Kahar, while stating about the song, which has been at the top of the trends on YouTube and other music survey charts over.

Rapper Badshah has been called out for not giving due credit to the original lyricist of the song ‘Genda Phool’. Bollywood.

April 01 : Rapper Badshah’s new single Genda Phool released just last week.

Badshah has now said that he wants to help the.

Badshah, Jacqueline’s new track ‘Genda Phool’ accused of plagiarism – If you thought horrible lyrics and compulsive male gaze were the only problems with Badshah’s new track, Genda Phool, know.

After facing massive backlash over his new song Genda Phool, rapper Badshah has now issued a clarification. The track has.